Policy of Quality

Our mission is to continuously develop our products and processes, in order to establish ourselves as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel process equipment.

To achieve this objective, we have defined the following guidelines for all our employees:

  • Continuously evaluate and promote client satisfaction.
  • Fulfil our Clients’ Legal and Regulatory requirements.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.
  • Provide adequate training to all Inaceinox employees in order to develop their skills.
  • Develop efficient information, transmission and communication, internally and externally.

We manufacture our equipment according to our clients’ needs and based on the established codes in the specifications.

More specifically, we have a vast experience in the manufacture of equipment in compliance with the following construction codes, standards and directives.

AD Merkblatt 2000

EN 13445


EN 1090-1 e EN 1090-2 – For silos and equipment support structures.

ASME – Secção VIII Div. 1


GOST – Construction of equipment for Russia (EAC certificate);


PED 2014/68/EU ­ Pressure Equipment Directive

ATEX ­ Explosive Atmospheres

MD ­ Machines

LVD ­ Low Voltage

EMC ­ Electromagnetic compatibility

CPR ­ Regulation on construction products

EHEDG­ Regulation on hygiene for food industry equipment

Our Certifications

One of the most relevant instruments to achieve our objectives is the certification of our Quality Management System according to ISO 9001.

This tool is a cornerstone for the fulfilment of legal and regulatory requirements and the client’s requirements, for internal communication of requirements and other information, for the involvement of everybody in the continuous improvement process, and for the optimization of process productivity.

At product level we are certified by EN 1090 for the manufacture of silos ans stainless steel structures and by ASME in the manufacture of equipment.








ISO 9001

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